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Hello, I'm Mika-Tache'

My career has been a wild ride of twists and turns, but there's one constant – my unwavering love for creativity. I'm fortunate to run a creative marketing agency and have a full-time job where I get to indulge in my passion every day. Now, let's explore the fun side of who I am, beyond just being the Saint in Saint MGMT! 

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Beyond the Saint in Saint MGMT

Embarking on my professional journey, I immersed myself in the dynamic world of wireless technology, driven by an unwavering passion for all things tech. The early years in the phone industry ignited my curiosity about the intricate dance between digital technology and its profound impact on people's lives. Seeking to broaden my horizons, I found myself amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle of New York City. During this time, I interned at two record labels, delving into consumer responses to some favorite music artists.

Eventually, my quest for knowledge led me to enroll at NYU to deepen my understanding of Digital Marketing. Returning to my roots in Richmond, I assumed a leadership role at the Richmond Times-Dispatch, overseeing a team of Digital Advertisers. Here, I created captivating campaigns by pitching, crafting, and analyzing dynamic digital advertising initiatives for RTD, a premier Google Partner with over 12 million average monthly page views. Recognizing the need for small businesses to feel empowered in the advertising process, I authored "Get Out of Your Advertising Comfort Zone."

My journey at Richmond Times-Dispatch not only immersed me in the agency landscape but also laid the foundation for my own digital marketing venture. Acknowledging the growing demand for a robust digital presence among small businesses, I ventured into website development, establishing the groundwork for my entrepreneurial pursuits with Saint MGMT.

Taking new turns in my career, I found myself drawn into the realms of content and branding strategy. Fueled by a genuine passion for crafting compelling narratives and enhancing brand identities, I evolved into my current role as a Digital Strategist with Virginia ABC. My primary objective is to guide customers through a curated digital experience by crafting creative content rooted in strategic development. My responsibilities encompass a diverse range of tasks, including overseeing website content management, project managing the creation of digital content, and formulating comprehensive strategies for video content development. Notable creative contributions include producing the Signature Cocktail Video series and creating "Flavor Profile," which tells compelling stories of unsung heroes within spirit brands and industry leaders associated with Virginia ABC.


Beyond my professional life, I navigate the joys of mommy-hood and find solace and creative expression in my love for interior design. Whether in NYC or VA, I've transformed every living space into one of peace and warmth. Frequently, I extend my passion to help family and friends create inviting living spaces, offering a sort of brand strategy for their homes and businesses.


As I progress on this dynamic career journey in creative digital marketing, I eagerly anticipate pushing the boundaries of my creative knowledge and forming partnerships with additional industry leaders. I find great joy in immersing myself in digital marketing events, staying abreast of the latest trends, and being at the forefront of innovation in the ever-evolving landscape.

Flavor Profile
Content Producing
Behind the Scenes - Cocktail Shoot
Beth and Mika
Flavor Profile
Signature Cocktail - Tiny Ten Gin


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's chat.

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