Saint MGMT is a brand strategy and digital marketing management company based in Richmond, Virginia. We service small businesses throughout Virginia and beyond.   Marketing strategies are ever-changing.  Our goal is to stay ahead of marketing trends that will help to significantly increase brand awareness and grow your business. 


At Saint MGMT we will help you reach a unique targeted audience that fits within your advertising budget by:

  • Meeting with you for a consultation to discuss your business goals

  • Completing a client needs marketing analysis

  • Make the necessary recommendations that will allow you to achieve your marketing goals and suggest new and innovative strategies


Bryan Kramer said it best with the title of his book, "There is no B2B and B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human".  Our only mission to make a human connection to your business’ product and services.


Mika-Tache' St. Fleur

Owner + Digital Strategist

On the first day of Consumer Behavior class at Old Dominion University, the professor brought in a bag of Lays potato chips.  Everyone was eager for the snack.  We all passed the bag of chips around the room and each held one deliciously golden sliced potato chip in our hands.  Upon our teacher’s instructions, we collectively took a bite.  She asked us all several questions, but one stood out, “How did the chip make you feel?”  To some, it triggered memories of childhood. To others, it was a reminder of family cookouts. My memory was walking to the local grocer at a very young age with a group of friends during the summer months.  That chip reminded me of childhood freedom.  The thought of making an emotional connection with a single product made me realize how I could impact others with products, marketing, and brand strategies. 


In my day to day experiences the various tactics we notice or don't notice and the stories that products can tell, have always been at the forefront of my thoughts.  A simple trip to Target down the health and beauty aisles can turn into a full-on brand assessment. With the growth of the digital age, it was important for me to expand my digital marketing knowledge. I decided to complete a Digital Media Marketing professional studies certification from New York University.  

During an earlier role as a Digital Advertising Analyst for The Richmond Times-Dispatch, it helped me identify small businesses' need for digital marketing. I published an article for the RTD called Get Out of your Advertising Comfort Zone. While working with small businesses, I noticed a need for more resources for small businesses. From that need, I birthed, Bar+RVA | BartrVA, a B2B small business social and web bartering hub. Currently, I am employed as a Digital + Web Analyst for a Virginia State agency.  Here I work with the marketing team to bring marketing content to life on the web and create impactive brand strategies.


Additionally, I am a member of the American Marketing Association (AMA) Richmond, Virginia chapter and I am Membership Chair for African-American Marketing Association (AAMA).


Saint MGMT has allowed me to help small businesses jump into the world of digital marketing. I have worked on small and large national campaigns with the goal in mind of creating and designing captivating digital media campaigns, websites, and helping companies with their brand identity.  Most importantly making sure there was always a human to human connection.

Marketing is my passion and I love watching businesses flourish.


Black-owned digital marketing for small busines in Richmond Virginia
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