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Thank You, My Pleasure...

Is your website smiling to your online customers?

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon after running some errands, I got in the longest Chick-fila drive-thru line ever. If it was any other establishment, I would be discouraged. Chick-fila is known for wowing their customer’s both in their restaurant AND in the drive-thru line; something many fast food restaurants haven’t quite gotten a grasp of. Unlike my grocery shopping experiences, I GOT A LINE RIGHT! I didn’t have to leave my car for some of the best customer service I’ve ever had. They were prepared, quick, efficient, and effectively controlled the flow of the line. I was impressed.

So how are you wowing your customers online? I speak especially to those that don’t have a brick and mortar location where someone can physically see you smile as they walk through your door.

Is your website smiling to your online customers?


Saint MGMT has come up with ways to wow your customers on your website with an amazing shopping experience. Below are our list of MUST-DO's:

  • Craft unique experiences with an easy-to-use drag and drop content and merchandising capabilities.

  • Deliver seamless shopping across all devices with mobile-ready, responsive themes and Progressive Web Apps.

  • Segment and target shoppers with personalized content, promotions, and pricing.

  • Fulfill customer orders the way they want with ship-from-store and pick-up-in-store.

  • Build customer loyalty with reward programs, gift registries, and private sales.

  • Streamline purchasing with Instant Purchase checkout and flexible payment options.


Creating an amazing online shopping experience for your website can be overwhelming but well well worth it in customer praise. There is nothing I enjoy more than saying a simple "Thank You" at Chick-fila and in response hear, "My Pleasure".

If you find yourself not knowing how to navigate the world of e-commerce, look no further. Saint MGMT has the knowledge base to bring your website to the next level. Try a free consultation for expert advise.


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